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Material 3 Themes .

Personalize your theme to your liking with our dynamic material 3,
and transform the app experience to match your style with a range of themes and options to choose from, we can help you bring out all that's perfect about your personalised Android phone - Choose between two different look variants for full customization!

Bookmarks .

Save your favourite articles to read later at any time.
By simply pressing the bookmark button of your preferred article you can add, save and access your bookmarks quickly and easily any time to re-read or finish reading your favourite articles.

Search .

Looking for a specific article you read earlier or even a subject you're intrested in?
Use the Search feature to look for anything that comes up to your mind.
This search will return articles of interest and also relevant headlines from all our newspaper sources!

Pick Your Source .

Are you looking for a specific news source to read articles from?
Then look no further! you can select headlines based on your preference from the biggest global news organization and much more.

Comments .

The comments feature is an effective way to give feedback and discuss news with other people. Every user has a the ability to share their thoughts on each and every article and see what other people think on the subject matter.

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